Buying for underwear is always an intimidating task. Some are not that confident to just go in a lingerie store and look around or even horrified to ask for some assistance. To overcome this, one must be aware of their sizes to lessen the embarrassment when buying for underwear.

Similarly for buying for bras without straps. Knowing what your size is, is very integral since a bra without strap that is the perfect fit for your breast would provide adequate support and is stable enough to not slide down.


When buying bras without straps, the first consideration should be functionality. Although aesthetic is still important, buying a bra solely because of its color or lacey design is not a wise decision. You have to purchase a bra that would serve its purpose and more. A more flexible bra that could provide coverage and support no matter what you are wearing is a wise investment. Fortunately, trendy styles now include functionality with added features that would make wearing strapless bra less of a hassle now. Remember to look for bras with silicone or rubber lining or any other materials that would help the bra stick to your skin. Also look out for bras with thicker back bands to keep the bra on. Opt also for convertible bras that come with straps to make the bra more versatile and could be worn on days that you don’t need to go strapless.


If you aren’t really comfortable wearing strapless brassiere but you really have to and your dress or your blouse calls for it, buy some lingerie accessories. These accessories could make you feel comfortable wearing bras without straps and without the fear that the bras would fall off. Buy some body tape to keep the cups on if you are worried that the built in silicone lining would not be adhesive enough. Or purchase some invisible or nude colored straps and you would not feel like you are wearing strapless at all without compromising the whole look of your strapless dress or your transparent blouse.


A good strapless brassiere would cost more than your conventional bra but you have to invest in those. A bra without straps will stay put no matter how many times you wear it and no matter how demanding your activity is. It’s a wise investment since it could be the bra that you could always wear no matter the type and design of your dress or blouse is. And since you paid good money for it, the most logical thing to do is to care for it like you would any part of your wardrobe. Treat them right by hand washing them. If you really could not hand wash them since you are pressed in time, make sure that when you do put them in the washer, put them in a lingerie bag and run it by a gentle cycle. Don’t place them through a dryer and just dry them by hanging. Taking good care of them would save you money in the long run because you would not need to replace them constantly.

Good underwear could help improve your outfit and put you in a better mood since you look and feel good. Don’t think that since no one could see it that you could just put on whatever bra or panty that you have. Visible panty lines and frumpy looking bras would ruin your outfit no matter how beautiful your outfit is.

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