Hip and knee pain can be quite common as you grow older but this can impact your quality of life considerably as you will not be able to carry out your day to day activities with the same ease you have before. There are some conservative treatments you can try to relieve the pain such as using assistive devices like canes and walkers, using heat or cold therapy, physical therapy and managing your weight. But if you don’t see any improvement, you can look for an orthopaedic surgeon that can give you more treatment options.

Searching for an orthopaedic surgeon can start by looking for board certification.

Board certified surgeons have undergone training and examinations to gain expertise in this field. For example, if you are considering going to Dr. Matt Barnes Orthopaedic surgeon you can check out his official website to get an idea of his experience, educational background along with any special training he has when it comes to these conditions. While there can be many board certified orthopaedic surgeons in your local area that you can go to, first consider whether they have expertise in the hips and knees. If they focus on these specific surgeries, they will have more expertise. Look for orthopaedic surgeons that have performance a lot of hip and knee surgeries so that they have extensive training and experience.

By choosing an orthopaedic surgeon that specialises in this area,

You will have some assurance that they stay up to date with advancements in this field along with new techniques. This allows you to achieve better patient outcomes. Consider the reputation of the orthopaedic surgeon among their patients and the medical community overall. You can check their official website for testimonials from previous patients. Then there are also independent websites that will carry patient reviews. You can also ask your primary healthcare provider for recommendations on an orthopaedic surgeon that can help your specific concern. By choosing an orthopaedic surgeon with a majority of positive patient reviews, you will have more confidence in the level of care they can provide.

Check whether they are affiliated with a medical centre or hospital.

The quality of the hospital can also have an impact on the success of your treatment. This depends on the skill of the medical professionals team that is assigned to your case along with the availability of advanced facilities and equipment. You can book an initial consultation with an orthopaedic surgeon to get an idea of the treatment options open to you. This will also give you an opportunity to assess the communication style of the orthopaedic surgeon and their approach to treatment. If they answer your questions clearly and explain the treatment plan in a way that you understand, it will help foster a level of trust between you and the surgeon. Ask them about the surgical techniques they use for these procedures. There are minimally invasive procedures that can be used for certain hip or knee issues that can contribute to faster recovery.

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