The parent – school communication is usually a strained one. With either party most often being disappointed in the other. It is very important that as a parent you maintain a good relationship with your kid’s school. After all it is their second home and they literally spend more active hours in school than at home.

So here are some things that you should keep in mind when it comes to interacting with your children’s school.

Get involved

You need to be involved in the school activities as possible. It is very vital that you get as involved in the school as only then will you know what is happening in there. Not all kids pass on what’s happening in the school and most often the parents are in the dark. And kids who are not interested in taking part in events and activities will put the blame on unaware parents for not taking part. It will be their easy way out. So, if you as a parent is involved in the school system as much as possible, you will be aware of what’s happening, and the teacher will be more vigilant when the your child is not taking part.

Be polite as possible: mistakes will happen

Humans err and there is no alternative to that. As humans, each and every one of us has made mistakes in our lives. Mistakes that are reversible and some that are not. So in any case if you see that some mistake has happened in school don’t be the first to taunt them about it. Rather help them correct their mistake. After all your kid goes there and you would want the best for him or her. If they want to introduce baby swimming lessons then be part of it. And not pin point the mistakes that may arise! Always maintain your calm.

Respect the teachers always: especially in front of the kids

This is a very important reminder to all parents. It is essentially very important that as parents you always respect the teachers. Especially in front of your kids. There is absolutely no way to expect your kids to respect elders if you don’t do the same in front of them. You need to always ensure that you talk about children’s teachers in a respectful manner, regardless of the mistakes they may have made. If you disrespect their teachers it is not going to be long before they do the same. Whether it is the baby swimming teacher or the math teacher, everyone needs to be respected!


Finally, keep in mind that it is very important to keep a positive relationship with your children’s school. So unless, you are not interested in improving your child’s stance in school you will need to follow these pointers at all times!

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