If you are an off-road driving enthusiast or if you go camping often, you will need some equipment to help repair your vehicle in an emergency. In this article, we are focusing on the uses of a high lift jack in off-roading situation and their features.

You can lift the vehicle and any other heavy object using a high lift 4×4 jack. There is a ratcheting mechanism in these jacks that will help lift the vehicle and hold it in place. This way, you can easily make repairs to the vehicle. There are many situations where this will come in useful. If you have a flat tyre, you can lift the vehicle to change it. Also, high lift jacks can be used in recovery operations. For example, if the vehicle is stuck in mud, the jack can help you lift it out of the hole. Sometimes there can be obstacles in the way especially if you are driving in remote areas. There can be logs fallen across the road which will cause you to stop. But with a high lift jack you can lift this out of the way and create a path for yourself.

The materials that are most commonly used for high lift jacks are aluminium and steel.

Steel jacks tend to be more durable and are ideal for handling heavy loads. But this comes with a few downsides such as the jack being difficult to handle and being quite heavy. Aluminiumjacks are much lighter in comparison and they are easy to handle as well. But they are not as strong as the steel option.High lift jacks come in a variety of sizes. You need to consider how high the jack can lift the vehicle. There are even high lift jacks that can elevate an object to about 60 inches. There are different weight capacities which are what give you an idea of how much weight the jack can lift. You need to consider the weight of your vehicle when determining this.

You may travel on many soft surfaces like sand or mud when off-roading;

Therefore, to prevent the jack from sinking into the ground you need to select a model that comes with a wide base plate. Check the type of handle that jack comes with. You can get more leverage with a T-shaped handle which makes it a lot easier to lift heavy objects. You should know how to use a high lift jack safely. A jack stand can be used to support to the weight of the vehicle so that it doesn’t fall. You should also use a sturdy lift point that is flat. This can be a bumper or a chassis frame. You should never exceed the weight capacity of the jack. To prevent blisters or cuts forming on your hands, you can wear gloves. You should also know how to maintain a high lift jack. The ratcheting mechanism and moving part should be lubricated for smooth operation. And before you use the jack, inspect it thoroughly for any signs of damage.

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