Australians celebrate a wonderful long Easter weekend typically in April. The Easter time falls during Australia’s autumn. Don’t expect chilly, cold weather in the country, however. While temperatures do drop in southern Australia, it remains sunny in the northern and tropical regions of the country. Even with rain and some snow, temperatures tend to be in the mildly warm range even in the south. Australians have fun ways to enjoy the long Easter holidays with food and music. Here is how you can celebrate an Easter vacation in Australia.

Mombasa Easter Weekend Getaway

Attend a Music Festival

The Easter holiday week is filled with amazing activities for secular observers. Mainly, there will be loads of music festivals. Blues and jazz events are prominent during this time. So book an event in advance to enjoy Aussie music.

Join the Football Craze

Some Easter holidays overlap with the country’s WWI veteran commemoration day. While there will be remembrance ceremonies planned, complete with gunfire salutes and parades, there are also plenty of football games during this time. The football games are for the historical soldiers, who loved the game. You should find Anzac Day 2018 AFL Tickets online in advance to grab a seat during this busy season.

Enjoy Watersports on the Margaret River

Margaret River, which flows through Western Australia, is a popular vacation destination during Easter. The weather is perfect and the region is buzzing with activity during this time. There will be plenty of amazing watersports activities to try if you want an adrenaline-pumping Easter. There are also other attractions in the region as well, such as breweries and parks.

Sip Wine at Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley sprawls through Victoria in southern Australia. The Valley is known as the best wine region in Australia. If you want to spend Easter tasting delicious Aussie fine and enjoying unique dishes, then head over to Yarra Valley for a truly enjoyable holiday. You can go on day trips over the weekend or arrange a hotel stay for alonger exploration of this breathtaking area. With the Yarra River and rolling vineyards, the Valley is like a dream destination come true.

Tour Karajini National Park

Take an up and close look at Australia’s one of a kind wildlife and flora at the famous Karajini National Park. It’s perfect for an Easter weekend getaway. The park is home to jaw-dropping Fortescue Falls Lookout, Dales Gorge that is 100 feet deep, and geological formations older than humans. If you want to get away from the city and surround yourself with spectacular scenery, then Karajini is the place to be.

See Dolphins at Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia is a marine research facility best known as a destination for seeing dolphins. The shallow region sees daily visits from female dolphins without their babies. Monkey Mia is known as one of the best preserved marine reserves in the world. The scenery and dolphins here has to be seen to be believed.

Australia is never out of amazing things to enjoy. So try one or two of the above to enjoy a fun and memorable Easter holiday in the country.

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