Sports is an aggressive field. It’s a well-known fact that if you sign yourself up for a sport, hand in hand with it comes some injuries. This is why it’s always best to keep in mind certain facts when dealing with sports injury and in general, be more knowledgeable about what you’re getting yourself into. Here are some facts that will certainly come in handy along your journey.


Why not start this article with the well-known saying that prevention is better than the cure. To prevent and guard yourself against sports injuries, your best bet is to warm your body up with some stretches. This will loosen your muscles and get it accustomed to the strain you’re about to put on it. Those who do this are far less likely to get injuries.

Professional Care

Most people tend to make this beginner mistake of not seeking professional help once they acquire an injury. This mistake could cost them plenty in the long term and they’ll feel the results in recurring aches and pains. Avoid all this hassle and get yourself sorted once and for all by seeking professionals in Adelaide podiatry. They will be able to assess the severity of your case and how long your treatment and rehabilitation process should last.


RICE stand for rest, ice, compression and evaluation- all of which are invaluable to the healing process in acute soft tissue injuries. Immediately after you injure yourself you’re likely to find the spot to be swollen, red and uncomfortable to say the least. By icing the spot you help alleviate the pain and keeping your leg elevated will keep swelling to a minimum.


You yourself need to put your body in rest mode and allow yourself to heal. If you use an injured foot without allowing it to rest, there is no doubt that you’re only just worsening the issue so the best way of making sure the injured body part is saved from being exerted unnecessarily is to make use of a brace or splint to support the limb. You don’t want this injury turning into a chronic case.


Usually a minor sprain would take 2 weeks to recover, along with a small break from sports. In more severe cases, you need to take an initiative and learn from your doctor the recuperating process behind this injury so that you’ll be more mentally prepared for it.

Motion Exercises

While the injured spot is still tender, you will be given some early, gentle exercises to help improve your limb’s flexibility. This is usual recommended by a doctor once the early inflammation has died down and a set of exercises specific to your injury will be outlined to you. Once these are performed well, the doctor will recommend more exercises that will strengthen your limbs. You need to stick to these exercises because they are vital in making sure that you properly heal your injury.

These are the most important facts anyone should keep in mind when dealing with a sports injury!

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