Staying active is an essential step in staying healthy. Aside from working out or exercising, playing sports is another great way to keep yourself active while having fun at the same time. With so many sports to choose from, you’ll never run out of options if you’re looking for something you want to do. If you want something more exciting than regular sports, you could go for more active and intense sports like skateboarding and longboarding.

Although their names sound a bit similar to each other, there is a huge difference between these two especially in the boards being used. If you’re not much familiar with these two sports, it could really be tricky to tell apart a skateboard and a longboard.

If you’re planning to learn either of these sports, you should first know their differences to tell which sport you’re looking for. Read along to learn more about the difference between a skateboard and a longboard. 

The Shape and Size

They may look like similar boards but the details on each one of them sets them apart from each other. Longboards and skateboards have a different shape from each other. Longboards have a flat nose and tail since you need more stability when riding it especially when cruising and racing. Unlike longboards skateboards have a curved nose and tail since it makes it easier to perform tricks and land from flips.

As the name implies, longboards are typically longer than skateboards. However, since longboards come in different sizes, you might confuse short longboards with a skateboard. Just check the edge and see if it is curved or flat to tell which is which.


The deck refers to the base of your board. Longboards and skateboards vary in flexibility since they have different purposes. Skateboards have more flex since you need that spring-like feel when practicing or performing trick and flips. On the other hand, you wouldn’t need that kind of flexibility in a longboard. Stability and support are more important for a steadier ride.


Those two boards also differ a lot in their wheels. Skateboards have small and hard wheels perfect for doing tricks such as shredding rails, ledges, and jumping between gaps. On the other hand, longboards have large and soft wheels. These types of wheels are perfect for a smooth and more coordinated ride when you’re cruising long distances.

Tricks You Could Do

Skateboards and longboards have different purposes. If you want to do tricks, flips, and jumps, you’ll need a skateboard to do all of that. However, if you’re the one who enjoys cruising, racing downhill, or taking your board to ride around, a longboard is what you need.

At first, it could be confusing to tell apart those two kinds of boards. But now that you know the differences between those two, it would be a lot easier for you to determine which sport you want to learn and the right board that suits it perfectly.

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